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Our Policies

Reservations are required.

We take $25 deposit to hold your reservation via phone.

Reservations booked online will be charged the full amount when the reservation is made.
If you want to split payment between your group, each person should reserve their own individual jet ski. Each renter must provide their own credit card for their jet ski at check-in for damage deposit.
Reservations over $250 will require 50% payment at the time of reservation. Some reservations may require $500-$1000 hold authorization on a credit card for damage deposit.
Each renter’s photo ID and credit card must match and will be verified upon check-in. You CANNOT use 1 credit card for multiple friends jet ski damage deposit.


Renters/drivers must present ID at check-in. We will hold your ID until you return from your rental. Passenger IDs are not required.

Rain Policy

If it is raining at the time of your rental, you are not charged a cancellation fee and we do our best to reschedule for a time that works you. If it begins raining during your rental and you do not receive your whole time on the water, we prorate your payment for how long you were out. We do not cancel reservations based on a forecast. However, if a complete washout is forecasted (raining 70% or more) for the entire day, we may cancel all reservations for the day. We contact you if this happens.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all reservations. This includes bookings made within 24hrs of rental time. Reservations canceled within less than 24 hours and no-shows are charged 50% of their reservation. We understand that life happens and things come up, and we do our best to work with you. If you need to cancel, call us ASAP. Do not wait until your rental time to call and cancel.


Every operator must participate in our orientation on the safe operation of the watercraft. Applicable local and state laws will be covered. It is the responsibility of the operator to listen and understand instructions and request further explanation if he/she has any questions concerning the operation of the Wave Runner. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time on the water.


The renter/operator is responsible for any physical damage that occurs while operating the watercraft. The jet ski will be inspected before and after each use for damage. Repair for damages will be at the renter/operator’s expense, up to replacement value of the watercraft. If repair cost and lost time are excessive, the renter has the option to purchase jet ski at NADA value. Reimbursement for lost rental time may occur if the damage is excessive enough to render the jet ski unrentable until repaired. This fee is $250 per day until the jet ski is repaired and available for rental.

Damage Fees

Running aground fee MINIMUM $150.  This damages the bottom of the jet ski and also most likely pre-maturely wears on the impeller & jet pump seals.  Immediate damage may not be noticed by the user, however its like doing a burn out in your car…the tires still hold air and are drive-able, but have excessive wear and will need replacing sooner…

Damage to Impellar, Wear Ring, or Debris sucked into water intake — up to $500 — occurs from operating outside of designated riding area and getting too shallow & sucking sand/debris though jet pump.

Water intrusion into the engine or sunken watercraft — up to $3,000 — occurs from flipping the jet ski over and not following provided instruction on correcting.

Fiberglass chips, scratches, or cracks in paint — $100 per inch — occurs from negligent operation, ie. running into things or other watercraft. Minimum $250 charge for fiberglass damage.

Broken hatches, bumpers, seats, handles, throttles, or any physical part of jet ski — $100+ as quoted

**** These are only examples. The renter is responsible for the total cost of any damage that occurs while jet ski is being operated, including other personal property, jet skis & or boats.

Overtime Fee

Each jet ski is equipped with a watch to ensure return on-time. Late return is charged at $5/minute (we don’t want to be jerks, but there are other people waiting for your jet ski and it is disrespectful to them and causes us to have to endure their displeasure when you are late!).

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