Here are some of the most common questions we get, if you don’t see it listed here, give us a call or contact us at 910-899-8606

1: How old do you have to be?

Renters must be a minimum of 18 years old, however, you can drive the ski at 16/17 years old with an adult on board with you.  Children 16 and younger are allowed as passengers, but are left up to the parent’s discretion.  We recommend no children younger than 5 years old ride as passengers.

2: Do I have to make reservations?

Although reservations are not required, it is STRONGLY recommended you make reservations to ensure availability. We operate as first come first serve so by making a reservation you can eliminate the chance that there are no available skis.

3: What do I need to rent a jet ski?

A valid photo ID and a credit card to hold on file as a damage deposit. We provide life vests, fuel, and everything else needed to get you on the water and into the fun! Make sure to bring a towel and don’t forget the sunscreen!

4: Do I need a credit card to make reservations?

Yes, we require a valid credit card to hold your reservation.  Once you arrive, you can then pay however you like. Only reservations totaling over $300 will be charged a deposit at that time and the balance will be collected at the time of your reservation.

5: How early should we arrive?

20-30 minutes early, we need plenty of time to get you prepared for your adventure!  Remember, your reservation is your reserved time.  We understand things happen and we will work with you the best way possible, but If you arrive late that could cut into your actual riding time.

6: What is your reservation cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances can arise that would alter your plans, so we ask that you cancel at least 24hrs before your reservation so we can have time to fill your spot. Failure to cancel your reservation before the allotted 24hr period will result in a charge of 50% of your total rental cost. (Example: A no-call, no-show for a 1 hour rental will be charged $40)

7: What if it rains and/or storms?

We can’t control the weather, so we are happy to reschedule with you at our next available opening for you to ride if the weather causes your reservation to be cancelled. Of course, there’s no cancellation penalty for inclement weather conditions.

8: How fast are your jet skis?

Our skis are capable of speeds up to 55 mph depending on rider(s) weight and water conditions. We only operate new model, low hour, 4-stroke jet skis that are rigorously maintained and perform like new.

9: How many people can ride?

All of our jet skis will accommodate 3 riders and have a weight limit of 400lbs. For the most comfortable experience, we recommend no more than 2 adult riders per ski, or 2 adults and a small child.

10: Are the rental prices rated per person?

All of our rental rates are per ski, so even if there are 2 riders it will be the same price for one ski. REMEMBER: Our rates are all inclusive!! No hidden charges, fees, fuel prices etc.

11: Will you give instructions?

Absolutely! We will make sure you are confident in riding, understanding the area, and safely operating the ski before sending you out. We explain every aspect of operation and safety and answer any and all questions you may have.

(We also recommend you watch this short instructional video while you are here on our website: Orientation Video)

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